The right nanny is a wonderful complement to your life and family

Matching a great nanny with the right family takes time, insight, resources and a bit of intuition. That’s why we’re here. The nannies we represent are loving, caring, intelligent people that we would welcome into our own homes. We will never recommend a caregiver that we would not trust with our own children.
Our Costs 
Many believe that employing a nanny is only for the rich and famous. In fact, having a nanny may not be as expensive as you think. It is a viable and often cost-effective childcare option for many middle-income families. In addition to providing one-on-one childcare to your specifications, a nanny offers additional support for your household.  Begin your nanny search today, email or call us at 775.334.4725 and tell us about you and your family.  
Nanny Services of Nevada charges a one-time fee for our search, screening and successful placement. There are no recurring monthly or annual fees. We also provide a replacement guarantee to ensure client and nanny satisfaction.
Our Process
It can take time to find the right nanny. If your family has immediate needs, our Sitter Service can help while we search for the best long-term match.
All of our nannies are thoroughly screened for safety and quality of care. We further prescreen and bring you only the candidates that most closely match your criteria, saving you time and effort. 
Before you meet with a nanny, Nanny Services of Nevada will provide you with a bio on the nanny to review. The nanny will be informed about your family’s needs prior to the interview, as well. Interviews are conducted at your home, or the location of your choosing, and facilitated by an agency representative. 
Nanny Services of Nevada guides you in developing a compensation package, job description and employment agreement between you and your nanny. We also connect you with payroll resources.