Julie LeBlanc-Warneke


Julie LeBlanc-Warneke is a great example of a modern day working mom. Not only does she have 25 years of successful business experience, like many of you, she has gained it while managing a home and raising children. When Julie was approached to purchase Nanny Services of Nevada in 2005, she understood exactly why the service was so important and was excited about the opportunity.

Throughout her life, Julie has been a problem solver and driven to make order out of chaos. As a mom to three wild boys, she also has a level of understanding, empathy and practical knowledge for other busy parents, all of which she utilizes daily in helping local families find peace amidst their own chaos. 
“Helping others and making a difference in peoples’ lives, is very rewarding,” says Julie. “I get to mentor, encourage and assist nannies while helping to provide them with wonderful jobs. I also get to help take the load off of busy, working parents who, like me and my family, are trying to find balance and create more peaceful, harmonious lives for themselves and their families.”  

Julie has been a full-time stay at home mom, a part-time working mom, a full-time working mom, a single mom, and is now a step mom. In 2008, she and Derek Warneke (an executive who travels frequently, like many of her agency’s clients) married and blended two families into one. With Julie’s three boys and Derek’s three girls, they have a combined family with kids ranging in age from 12 to 25 years old, plus one grandson!
Julie has been a Reno, Nevada, resident for over 30 years. When she’s not helping other families, she can be found biking, hiking, skiing, camping and exploring the Reno-Tahoe area with her family, and on the sidelines of local baseball and football fields watching her boys. Julie loves to travel, read, cook and volunteer. She assists with a local autism group and currently serves as a board member with a branch of Reno’s local Little League organization.