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Placement Options

Placement Options
     •      Full-time 
     •      Part-time
     •      Live-in
     •      Live out
     •      Sitter Service
     •      Temporary nanny
     •      Emergency sitter
We charge a one-time placement fee to pair a nanny and family, there are no recurring monthly charges. Call Nanny Services at 775.334.4725 for current rates.
There is a 3-hour minimum per visit. Contact as needed. Our sitter services provide access to qualified, screened sitters for your family’s short-term childcare needs. A great interim option for families with immediate needs who are starting a nanny search with us.
Perhaps you are living in the area for the summer or your spouse will be gone for a period of time and you need additional support – our temporary nanny services can help. Our short-term placements are made with the same care and focus on quality matching.
When the unexpected happens and you need childcare quickly, turn to a trusted resource – Nanny Services of Nevada.